Daily sensitive skin care
Sensitive skin can be managed adequately
Use Powder Cosmetics
Powder cosmetics are more matte, but they contains less preservatives and thus less irritation. They are less likely to cause problems when compared to their liquid counterparts.
Avoid Waterproof Cosmetics
Waterproof cosmetics such as mascara requires makeup remover. Makeup remover contains alcohol, which apart from removing makeups, will also remove the protective top layers of skin.
Throw away expired products
Expired products may have decayed or decompose, rendering them useless or with danger of infection. In general, foundations and lipstick is best used within 1 yr, eyeliner within 4 months, eye shadows within 2 yrs. Don't forget to change the sponge and brushes frequently.
Use black color mascara and eyeliner
For mascara and eyeliner, black has less chance of irritation.
Use earth tone eye shadows
White, nude, creamy, or light brown cause less irritation. Those with strong pigments such as blue or red can cause more agitation.
What is sensitive skin
Sensitive skin is different from skin allergy. Skin allergy refers to a skin reaction resulting from contact with an allergen. Symptoms include redness, blisters or wheals, and itchy skin. It is a kind of skin disease.
Sensitive skin is usually self-labeled. Studies have shown that 40% to 60% of women believe they have sensitive skin.
Do I have sensitive skin?
  • Face becomes dry easily after cleansing
  • Skin becomes flaky, and/or too oily after using different moisturizers
  • Tightness, burning or itching after using perfume
  • Tightness, burning or itching after using shampoos, shaving gels, hair spray or deodorants
  • Tightness, burning or itching when facing heat, cold or windy weather
  • Easy to have acnes
  • 4.
    Sensitive skin can be affected by many chemical compounds. It usually belongs to the oily or dry skin groups, often have uneven skin tones, prominent and broken capillaries, and unable to tolerate many skin care products.
    Sensitive skin can be affected by many chemical compounds
    Use pencil type eye brow
    Pencils are wax based with pigment. The liquid counterpart has preservatives and plastics on top of the pigment. Furthermore, makeup remover is not needed for pencil type.
    Use a suitable sunscreen
    Use short duration, SPF > 15 sunscreen that are 'mechanical block' only (as supposed to chemical block) such as Zinc Oxide.
    Use products with no more than 10 ingredients
    Look at the product label, if it contains more than 10 ingredients, there is a higher chance of problem when used.
    Avoid nail polish
    Nail polish, especially those that are not dry, can irritate skin.
    Choose silicon based liquid foundations
    If liquid foundation must be used, use a silicon based type.