When collagen production in skin decrease, faces becomes thin with loss of elasticity, wrinkles and drpping jowl form due to gravity
Collagen production decreases and wrinkles form with age, prolonged sun exposure, gravity and daily compression from sleeping to one side.
Methods for face tightening
Face lifts require total anaesthesia, downtime and outcome may not look natural.
Immediate result with no downtime.
(between eyes)
Crow's Feet
(eye lines)
Tear Troughs
Nasolabial folds
Above lips
Marionette lines
(mouth corner down)
Common wrinkle forming areas
Ways to Prevent Wrinkles Formation
Put problem muscles to rest
Filling of deep wrinkles
Skin tightening and rejuvenation
Botox® can relax specific muscles, smoothing out wrinkles without affecting expression under skilled hands.
Hyaluronic acid fillers.
Radiofrequency treatment.
Common Wrinkle
Forming Areas
Radiofrequency Facial and Eye Bags Tightening mechanism
Radiofrequency machine uses specific wavelengths that can stimulate collagen production to its youthful level, leading to skin firming, tightening and rejuvenation (it can also burn away fat cells and cellulite without affecting other skin structures).
Outcome after Radiofrequency Facial and Eye Bags Tightening
Rejuvenate the spring within the skin, reducing wrinkles, nasolabial folds and improvement in skin thickness in general. Looking much younger without any trace of intervention done.*
Our center's cutting edge technology
Radiofrequency machines are subdivided into 'monopolar' and 'bipolar' type, of which monopolar is more effective. There are many different types of Radiofrequency machines, but only a handful are medical grade. We use Doubles® monopolar Radiofrequency machine from Japan. Medical grade Radiofrequency machines are best operated by professionals.*
Radiofrequency Facial and Eye Bags Tightening procedure
About 40 minutes (About 20 minutes if for under eye areas only)
Done by qualified medical professionals. After application of treatment gel, Radiofrequency is applied onto the skin. Using specific wavelengths to stimulate collagen production, there will be a slight heating sensation. Machine head is combined with a cooltip for maximum comfort. 30% of firming will be seen immediately, the rest gradually appears over 3 weeks.
Radiofrequency Efficacy and safety
Radiofrequency is safe with minimal side effects post-procedure. The major problem is the heating sensation experienced during the procedure (The stronger one can tolerate, the better the effect).*
Radiofrequency Facial and Eye Bags Tightening treatment course
Effect is most pronounced after 4 treatments and can last for years. Each treatment 3 weeks apart. Because there is no minimal side effect, it can be done often for even firmer effect.*
Facial and Eye Bags Tightening combined treatment
It is clinically proven Botox® with hyaluronic acid injection or Radiofrequency is highly effective in combating wrinkles and age related changes, and is the only way to remove deep wrinkles.*
Radiofrequency treatment can soften wrinkles, nasolabial fold and regenerate skin suppleness
Each treatment $8,000
Course $30,000 (4 Times)
Each treatment $4,000
Course $15,000 (4 Times)
*Individual results may vary.