Pigmented lesions and scars are the most difficult to treat
Colored pigment can effectively stop energy from the sun. Skin that have lived under the sun for a long time will automatically generate pigments. Uneveness in its generation leads to freckles formation.
Causes of pigmented lesions
Intense Pluse Light VS Laser
Intense Pulsed Light can effectively remove freckles and has whitening effect
Laser Therapy can remove scars and deep pigment lesions
IPL/Laser Pigment Management mechanism
Light therapy can generate specific wavelengths, targeting and removing black and red colored pigments without affecting normal skin structure. At the same time it is known to stimulate collagen formation, with a rejuvenation effect.
Differences between Intense Pulsed Light and Laser
Thus it is safer as an initial treatment when correction is required for the whole face. Because very dark pigments are absorptive to laser light, a lower energy of laser is required as a starting point, which means Intense Pulsed Light is already suffice. Lasers can treat deeper lesions (usually lighter in appearance) but because of its higher energy, it can only be used in a small area (3mm).
IPL/Laser Pigment Management treatment outcome
Freckles will become darker within the first few days, then fade out altogether over a period of three weeks. Pore size will be reduced and elasticity of the skin will improve slightly*
Our centers's cutting edge technology
We employ the newest Intense Pulsed Light machine Jeisys® from Japan. It is safer and can cater for darker skin types.*
IPL/Laser Pigment Management procedure
30 minutes
Done by professional medical qualified staffs.
After application of treatment gel, IPL crystal is used on the skin. During treatment, mild light and heat could be felt. Newer generation machines have cooltips, making the experience even more comfortable.*
IPL/Laser Pigment Management efficacy and safety
Intense pulsed light is a gentle type of laser.
It is safe to be used up to 10 to 15 times / year,
on average once every 3 weeks.
Light therapy only deals with the top layer of skin, which undergoes renewal every 2 years, it is rare to have any far fetching side effect.
IPL/Laser Pigment Management treatment course
Effective course usually requires 4 treatments every 3 to 4 weeks.*
Post-operative care
3 weeks of strict sunscreen use and strong sun avoidance. (Freckles are formed due to the skin's photoreaction reaction to the sun. They will not recur with adequate sun-block care. If mild freckles recur after a few years, another course of Intense Pulsed Light should clear it again)
Light therapy such as intense pulsed light and laser remains the most effective against pigmented lesions
Each treatment $3,000
Course $10,000 (4 Times)
*Individual results may vary.