The top layers of skin is under continuous insults from the environment leading to freckles, wrinkles, scars and pigmentations. Clinical acis peels use the skin's strong regenerative property to safely remove old lesions while stimulating new growth.
Clinical Fruit Acids has three types of strengths
Can remove dead cells and rejuvenate without downtime
Can improve pigments, and repair damaged areas
Usually used on thicker skin such as the back
causes of texture degeneration
Treatment Areas Includes
Upper Arms
Lower legs
Microinsults on the skin accumulate with time. However, because of the high regenerative property of skin tissues, if the old top layer of skin can be selectively removed, the result is unblemished skin after regrowth.
causes of texture degeneration
Acid peel mechanism
Fruit acids can remove damaged cells, at the same time stimulate new growth. It can realign unordered stratum corneum, epidermis and dermis, leading to much better shine under light. Contrary to believe, this action can moisturize the skin and at the same time produce newer and more even skin growth.
Acid peel outcome
Skin rejuvenates after one week.*
NeoStrata Clinical Fruit Acid System
The originator of fruit acids. Its effectiveness, choice and stable formulas is the choice of professional physicians.*
Acid peel procedure
15 minutes
Done by experienced physicians. Choice of acid strengths selected based on needs. After cleansing, fruit acids will be applied and after a timed exposure will be neutralized. During the procedure there will only be light stinging. One can immediately return to work after treatment.
Acid peel efficacy and safety
Acid peels has different strengths suitable for different needs. With the right selection, and when used on skin that has not been under strong sunlight recently, it is safe even when done weekly without downtime.*
Acid peel treatment course
The number of treatments depends on one's initial problem and goals. Mild peels can be done as frequent as facials every 2-3 weeks. Major skin problems can also be treated every 1-3 weeks.
Post-operative care includes strict sunscreen use and skin protection for three weeks.*
Acid peeling combined treatment
Acid peel treatment can be combined with light therapies such as Intense Pulsed Light for better effect.*
The skin is under continuous injury from the environment leading to dullness, sallowness, roughness and enlarged pores. Clinical acis peels can regenerate the skin returning the yourthful texture.
Each treatment $880
Course $3,000 (4 Times)
Each treatment $1,600
Course $6,000 (4 Times)
Each treatment $1,600
Course $6,000 (4 Times)
Each treatment $1,600
Course $6,000 (4 Times)
*Individual results may vary.