Even with daily cleansing, dead skin cells (Epithelial cells in the stratum corneum layer) become accumulated, leading to a tarnished look that is otherwise not present.
Damages from daily assault result in malalignment of skin cells, resulting in unevenness and lost of shine with a murky discoloration which could be recovered once this layer is renewed
Diamond head removes unwanted cells in a gentle and non stimulating way, inducing new growth and reducing pore size, improving skin shine
After light dermabrasion, skin regains its glossiness and pores are cleansed. Receptiveness to skin care products is increased*
Diamond Dermabrasion
Diamond dermabrasion utilizes different thickness of diamond formed heads on the skin for various effects.

The old way of dermabrasion is a very deep treatment, requiring three to four weeks of recovery.

Newer techniques involve light dermabrasion, with minimal downtime.*
About 20 minutes
Depending on skin needs, medical staff will choose different types of diamond heads. There is no pain with light dermabrasion. There will be slight redness post-procedure.
There is minimal side effect with light dermabrasion. It is an effective way to recover skin shine.*
Light dermabrasion can be done once every 2-4 weeks, removes stagnant cells and improves skin shine. The procedure can be repeated. Skin improvement is usually evident after 3-4 days (usually much smoother).*
Light Diamond Dermabrasion: Face
Each treatment $1,000
Course $3,000 (4 Times)
Light Diamond Dermabrasion: Back
Each treatment $1,500
Course $5,000 (4 Times)
*Individual results may vary.