A variety of micro-damage accumulates in the skin with time leading to pigmentations, enlarged pores and scars
Oily skin, whiteheads, blackheads and strong sunlight can cause micro-damage as well as enlarged pores.
Specific laser wave created can:
Enter deep into skin to release puckering fibrosis that cause scars, returning skin surface to its normal state.
Stimulate collagen growth, reducing skin age and improving elasticity.
Skin surface thermal reaction reducing pore size.
causes of enlarged skin pores
Laser Facial/Spectra Peel mechanism
Where as Intense Pulsed Light can remove pigmentation and freckles (color defects), Spectra Peel Laser can reduce pore size and scarring (structural defects). Thus both treatments sometimes goes hand in hand.
Laser Facial/Spectra Peel treatment outcome
3 weeks after treatment pore size will gradually reduce, and skin will become smooth.*
Our centre's cutting edge technology
We use one of the few U.S. F.D.A approved Spectra Peel Nd-Yag Laser machine Lutronics® VRM-K2, which can effectively reduce pore size and help with scarring.*
Laser Facial/Spectra Peel procedure
About 1 hour
Done by professional medical staffs. After application of anaesthetic cream on face, special carbon is applied. Laser shots will be applied to the whole face in 3 passes. There will be no pain during treatment by a minor heat sensation. Post treatment creams will be applied afterwards. Redness usually persists for 30 mins only.
Laser Facial/Spectra Peel efficacy and safety
Laser therapy is safe when done 3 weeks apart under expert hands not more than 8 times per year. Light therapy only affects the top layer of skin, and does not enter into deeper area, and is very safe.*
Laser Facial/Spectra Peel treatment course
For pore size reduction, 4 treatments.
For scar reduction, more than 4 treatments.
3 weeks apart between individual treatments (Sun avoidance for 3 weeks after treatment is required)*
Spectra peel is the most effective in achieving smooth skin texture
Each treatment $3,000
Course $10,000 (4 Times)
*Individual results may vary.