The female gender have softer skin genetically, together with a repertoire of facial expression coupled with active facial muscles movement, expression related wrinkles starts to appear. Given time, these become permanent
What causes mouth corner depression
The skin of a newborn is like a flat piece of paper. With muscles pull and movements, wrinkles start to form deep inside during teenage. We now know it is best to prevent this piece of paper getting crumpled, instead of flattening it out after wrinkles has been formed.
Ways to Prevent Wrinkles Formation
Common wrinkle forming areas
Common Wrinkles Forming Areas
1. Forehead
2. Glabellar
(between eyes)
3. Crow's Feet
(eye lines)
4. Nose
5. Nasolabial folds
6. Above lips
7 Marionette lines
(mouth corner down)
Put problem muscles to rest
Filling of deep wrinkles
Skin tightening and rejuvenation
Botox® can relax specific muscles, smoothing out wrinkles without affecting expression under skilled hands
Hyaluronic acid fillers
Radiofrequency treatment
Botox wrinkles mechanism
Botox® muscle relaxant can relax the pull of the culprit muscle on the skin. It remains the most effective way to treat wrinkles.
Botox wrinkles treatment outcome
In general, one can look more than 10 years younger after removal of severe wrinkles.*
Botox muscle relaxant
We use original Botox® Purified Neurotoxin Complex, ordered from Allergan Pharmaceuticals, Inc. directly to ensure quality. Botox® is U.S. F.D.A. approved, and is injected by experienced physicians in our center to ensure quality.*
Botox wrinkles treatment procedure
About 30 minutes
Done by experienced physicians. After application of local anaesthetics on the wrinkle area for 15 minutes, Botox® is injected.*
Effect is seen after 1-2 days, where wrinkles smoothed out. After injection one can immediately go back to work.*
Botox wrinkles treatment efficacy and safety
Botox® is U.S. F.D.A. approved, and rarely have side effects in cosmetic usage (very small dose).
According to American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS)2006 study result, over 8 million people undergo Botox® injection in U.S. each year.*
Botox wrinkles treatment course
First treatment last 6-8 months. Repeated injection will prolong treatment effect.*
Wrinkles combined treatment
Botox®, Hyaluronic acid fillers, with Radiofrequency treatment together is proven clinically to be effective for wrinkles, and is the only treatment for stubborn wrinkles.*
Wrinkles above all else is the sign for aging, Botox(R) remains the most effective way of removong wrinkles
Each treatment $4,000
Course $7,000 (2 Times)
Each treatment $3,000
Course $5,000 (2 Times)
Each treatment $6,000
Course $11,000 (2 Times)
*Individual results may vary.