A cosmopolitan life often means over-indulgence in food and a busy work schedule, with no time for exercise leading to accumulation of datty deposit
Fatty deposit increases in unwanted areas due to reduced metabolism.
Lower Legs
Common radio frequency treatment areas
Common Radiofrequency Treatment Areas
Methods for fat removal
Weight Reduction
Exercise and diet
Radiofrequency Treatment
Easy bruising with long recovery time.
Can cause palpitation, tremor, insomnia and constipation.
The best way to achieve weight reduction but difficult to maintain.
Minimal downtime. Can help improve on difficult to slim down areas.
Conditions for RF Fat Burning
Fat Reduction.
Reducing fat in difficult to slim down areas. (back of upper arms)
Reducing cellulites. (apart from fat burning, RF can tighten and rejuvenate skin)
Contour shaping. (better tummy lines)
Radio Frequency Fat Removal Mechanism
Radiofrequency machine uses specific wavelengths that can burn away fat cells and cellulite without affecting other skin structures. (It can also increase collagen growth leading to skin firming)
Outcome after Radio Frequency Fat Removal
Slimmer and healthier body contour*
Our Center's curtting edge technology
Radiofrequency machines are subdivided into 'monopolar' and 'bipolar' type, of which monopolar is more effective. There are many different types of Radiofrequency machines, but only a handful are medical grade. We use Doubles® monopolar Radiofrequency machine from Japan. Medical grade Radiofrequency machines are best operated by professionals.*
Radio Frequency Fat Removal procedure
About 40 minutes.
Done by qualified medical professionals.
After application of treatment gel, Radiofrequency is applied onto the skin. Using specific wavelengths to burn fat selectively, there will be a slight heating sensation. Machine head is combined with a cooltip for maximum comfort. Adipose tissue will gradually go away within 6 weeks.
Radio Frequency Efficacy and Safety
Radiofrequency is safe with minimal side effects post-procedure. The major problem is the heating sensation experienced during the procedure (The stronger one can tolerate, the better the effect).*
Radio Frequency Fat Removal treatment course
A full course usually takes 5-10 treatments for maximal effect especially in the obese.
1-3 weeks / treatment*
Fat Removal combined treatment
Can be combined with microneedle and intense pulsed light therapy for cellulities*
Removal of excess fat in a non invasive manner
Each treatment $12,000
Course $58,000 (5 Times)
*Individual results may vary.