Facial moles can be unsightly. A quick, simple scarless removal can lead to dramatic improvement
Moles are caused by melanin cells, stimulated often by sun, or simply formed with time. Melanin cells reacts with sunlight leading to enlargement.
Causes of moles
Types of Moles
In order for complete removal, whether it is raised or flat, all the dark pigments must be removed.
Leftover melanin cells will regenerate with time and sun stimulation if complete removal is not achieved.
two types of moles
Laser mole removal treatment mechanism
CO2 Lasers are highly exact, it can remove structures as fine as one cell thick. It can accurately vaporize any raised skin lesions including raised moles.
Apogee Elite® is an Alexandrite type of laser, which can generate specific wavelengths that are highly selective in destroying any dark pigments without affecting the skin itself. It can safely remove any flat dark moles without chance of scarring.
(Older ways of mole removal: Usually by destroying the containing skin, whether by heat, electricity or cryoguns, and runs the risk of scarring unless the lesion is very small)
Laser mole removal treatment outcome
Unblemished face after mole removal*
Our centre's cutting edge technology
Flat Moles
Apogee Elite® Alexandrite Laser is the most effective and safest dark pigment removal machine. It is U.S. F.D.A. approved, and is accurate and safe for flat moles removal. It is operated by medical professionals.*
Raised Moles
Lutronics® Spectra SPR is U.S. F.D.A. approved, and effective for raised moles removal. It is one of the top CO2 laser available, precise and exact. Operated by medical professionals.*
Laser mole removal procedure
About 30 minutes
By professional medical staffs. Require use of cream or injection anaesthetics. Removal is done by either lasers.
Laser mole removal efficacy and safety
Apogee Elite® is one of the safest dark pigment removal machine.
Lutronics® CO2 laser is highly accurate. Both machines are one of the few who are U.S. F.D.A. approved.*
Laser mole removal treatment course
Flat moles usually require 1-3 treatments. Pigments will turn darker then disappear after 2-3 weeks. Any remaining deep pigments may need a further removal.*
Raised moles usually require 1 treatment only. In order for complete removal, all the dark melanin pigments must be removed.*
Raised moles may have a deep root and may need flat moles type of treatment after removal.*
Laser therapy are accurate and safe to remove pigments and moles
Flat Mole Each $2,000up
Raised Mole Each $3,000up
*Individual results may vary.