In this modern-day, it is considered unattractive to have long hairs on your legs or your under arms
Hair arise from hair follicles. Hair removal can be achieved when the hair follicles are removed.
Causes of hair growth
Hair removal mechanism
Specific laser waves generated can selectively target black pigments residing in hair follicles without affecting normal skin. Because of this, blacker or thicker hairs are easier to remove.
Outcome after hair removal
With hair removal, pore size reduced, and skin becomes clean looking.*
Our Center's Cutting Edge Technology
With the number of machines available for hair removal, we choose the best. We use Apogee Elite®, which is FDA and CE approved, and is the only machine proven effective to remove thin hairs. It is safe and precise, and is operated always by qualified healthcare professionals. For comprehensive purpose, we also have Intense Pulsed Light machines for hair removal with special cases.*
Hair Removal Procedure
30 minutes
Shaving one day before. Done by professional medical qualified staffs. After cleansing the selected area, cooling gel is applied. During laser firing there will be a slight heating sensation. State of the art cryogenic wind is emitted during firing to ensure comfort.
Hairs will disappear gradually 3 weeks after treatment.
Hair Removal Efficacy and Safety
Apogee Elite® is an internationally accepted machine for hair removal, it is deemed safe and effective. Because it selectively targets black pigments, it is most effective for those with darker hairs, but is less and not effective for whiter hairs, and requires special care for those with very dark skin pigments.*
Hair removal treatment course
Usually four treatments, but depending on hair thickness and pigmentation, it could be more or less.*
Older ways of hair removal will stimulate more and coarser hair growths. Kaser hair removal is ideal, permanent and gives a silky outcome.
Each treatment $2,000
Each treatment $4,000
Each treatment $2,000
Each treatment $2,000
Each treatment $2,000
Each treatment $2,000
Each treatment $2,000
Each treatment $2,000
Each treatment $6,000
*Individual results may vary.