Acne is the commonest skin problem. Younger people are beseiged by active acnes, while at an older age scarring can have far fetching conarquencs. People sho have got used to it do not realise treating this problem can have a big improvement in outlook
Clinical Classification
of Acnes
Active Acne
Inactive Acne Marks and Scars
Causes of acne
Causes of Acne
Clogged, pores, with superimposed Propionobacterium infection, causing folliculitis(acne).
Mechanism  of laser acne therapy
Wavelengths specifically target acne structures as well as dark pigments, reducing active acne and acne scars pigmentation. It will also stimulate collagen growth leading to increased skin elasticity.
Outcome after laser acne treartment
A clean, smooth and clear image after acne and scars removal.*
Our Center's Cutting Edge Technology
We employ the newest Intense Pulsed Light machine Jeisys® from Japan. It is safer and can cater for darker skin types.*
Acne Therapy Procedure
30 minutes
Done by professional medical qualified staffs.
After application of treatment gel, IPL crystal is used on the skin. During treatment, mild light and heat could be felt. Newer generation machines have cooltips, making the experience even more comfortable.
Acne Therapy Efficacy and Safety
Intense pulsed light is a gentle type of laser.
It is safe to be used up to 10 to 15 times / year,
on average once every 3 weeks.
Light therapy only deals with the top layer of skin, which undergoes renewal every 2 years. It is rare to have any long term side effect.
*Scars require combination treatment with laser*
Acne Treatment Course
After each treatment active acnes will erupt and disappear as fast as 24 to 48 hours. Any dark pigmentation will lighten up gradually within 2 weeks.
There will be pore reduction and slight improvement of scarring after 3 weeks. Best effect is achieved in 4 treatments, 3 weeks apart.*
Combined acne treatment
To remove scarring, combined treatment is required with CO2 Laser, Dermabrasion or Microneedle Therapy.
Intense Pulsed light can remove any active acne in a very short time, prevent recurrences allowing you to present the real you right away.
Each treatment $3,000
Course $10,000 (4 Times)
*Individual results may vary.