IPL/Laser Pigment Management
Light stinging sensation that is tolerable by anyone.

Areas with pigmentation that undergo successful photolysis will have a slight redness for 1-2 days.
People who are prone to allergy (those with allergic rhinitis, asthma or urticaria) rarely can present with urticarial reaction to laser lights too. These usually goes away after treatment in a few hours.

Those with sensitive skin are not allergic, and will not run into this problem.
The energy from intense pulse light is very safe, and the chance for over burn is small. Usually redness only last for few minutes post-procedure.

Occasionally under a combination of situations the resultant energy could be slightly excessive leading to small blister formation. Avoid bursting them and keep the skin involved clean, then there will be no blemish once healed.

Going under any light therapy treatment after strong sunlight exposure is prone to over burn of the skin.
When the energy is not strong enough, it will be difficult to clear away deep pigmentations.

Light therapies are often not effective for deep pigmentations such as melasma. These require microneedle treatment instead.