We strive to provide professional, honest and transparent services. All treatments are done by experienced doctors and registered nurses in the cosmetic field. All products, whether injected or topical, are bought from original manufacturers. We do not purchase the same product from non-original sources.

Our price and courses are listed clearly in this website, and will not charge differently at different times or to different persons. If you have any enquiries feel free to drop us a call or ask us from this website.
1. We keep the procedures as clean as if in an operation theatre.
2. Employ adequate energy, so treatments can be completed under the most
effective time.
3. With a complete repertoire of machines, we have the freedom to select best
treatment for the problem at hand e.g. Spectra peel for pore size reductions,
Alexandrite lasers for hair removals. Intense pulsed lights for freckles removal.
1. This treatment induces microtrauma to the skin, and every treatment is done
by an experienced doctor to ensure safety and best effect.
2. Usual recommendation is less than 5-8 treatments for spectra peel. We do
not recommend exceeding this limit.
1. We use US FDA approved lasers to provide optimal removal.
(Which is better and much more accurate than knife or cautery removal)
2. We employ aseptic technique.
3. Registered doctors will ensure adequate and safe anaesthesia whether
topical or injected, to provide a comfortable treatment.
1. We use the only US FDA approved machine for fine hair removal, with
potent effect. We also provide per treatment payment for flexibility.
*After completion of the entire course of treatment, most noticeable black hairs can be removed. Individual results may vary. Ref: "Safe and Effective Device For Permanent Hair Reduction" from FDA Certified 510(K) Summary
1. We provide IPL hair removal for special cases who are unable to undergo
laser therapies.
1. There are many types of RF machines in the market, ranging from mildly
effective to highly effective. They are further classified into monopolar and
bipolar types. There are only several monopolar types in the market and
they are more effective but more operative skills are needed. We employ
monopolar type of RF machines.
1. Mild dermabrasion can rejuvenate the skin and improve skin tones, but not
useful for scars.
2. Deep dermabrasion is done by physicians in our center, it is effective for
scar removal but is traumatic.
1. Stronger acid peels >35% concentration are all handled by physicians.
1. We order the product from the original manufacturer Allergan.
We do not accept Botox® transported from other countries in order
to ensure better quality.
2. Injected by experienced physicians.
3. We recommend the most optimal treatment based on needs, and will not
recommend unwarranted treatments.
1. In order to inject hyaluronic acid effectively, one needs an understanding of
aesthetic as well as anatomy on vessels, nerves and skin types.
We employ experienced doctors.
2. We order the product from the original manufacturers Allergan or Q-med.
Both are FDA approved products. We do not accept the same products
transported from other countries in order to ensure better quality.