Botox® Injection
Injected after topical anesthesia for 10 minutes, with a light pin prick sensation only.
Allergic reaction to Botox® is rare
Minor swelling on injection site, resolve within 30 minutes
Occasional rupture of microcapillaries on the skin leading to bruising lasting less than 5 days. Can be covered with mineral cosmetics for the time being.
A mask like face (lack of expression) can occur if you are aggressive and over-treat different areas on the face. This is an outdated mode in using Botox®. As long as you dont inject more than 2 areas under an expert, the results are very natural.

Botox® lasts 8 months, repeated injection will prolong its effect. However some people metabolite Botox® quickly, making it last around 3 months only. When injecting too little, the effect will also be short lived.
Forehead Wrinkles Removal:
Crows' feet
Face Contour Slimming:
Calf Thinning:
Muscular Dark Eye Circles Removal:
Injecting too near the eyebrows will relax the muscles above it, leading the brow to lower. Solution: a touch of botox below the eyebrow.
May cause the opposite of point 3. But usually no correction is needed.
reduction of masseter size do not usually cause chewing weakness as there are several muscles involved in mastication.
this is not suitable for those who exercise regularly.
this is not suitable for those over 40 as the undereye areas are prone to wrinkles.