A heart/diamond shaped face is more attractive than a square jawed one
Comparison of Heart / Diamond Shaped Face Treatments
Square Face
(Muscular 'Masseter' Hypertrophy)
Round Face (Fat Deposits)
Conventional Surgery
Botox® Injection
Radiofrequency Treatment
Causes of square face
"Square Face" is caused by Masseter hypertrophy, giving a mannish / anger like contour. Often appears in people who:
1 Habitual chewing such as gums or nuts
2 Anxious lifestyle, with nocturnal teeth grinding
3 Asians
Require bone reduction and muscles resection, result may be unnatural, and there is a chance the facial nerves can be affected. Long recovery time.
Can effectively reduce the masseter muscles, removing the 'square' jaw.
Can selectively remove the fat around the face that cannot be done even with dieting and exercise.
Causes of round face
"Round Face" is caused by abundant fat deposit on the face, which may or may not be associated with obesity. However, it does give the impression of being overweight.
Radiofrequency facial fat reduction
Radiofrequency Facial Fat Reduction:
Radiofrequency machine uses specific wavelengths that can burn away fat cells without affecting other skin structures. (It can also increase collagen growth leading to skin firming)
Botox masseter reduction
Botox® Masseter Reduction:
It can cause the injected muscle to go to rest, leading to Masseter reduction and hence losing the hard contour on the sides without the need for surgery.
Outcome after face slimming
Fat Deposite
Masseter Hypertrophy
Now you can change your facial contour by a non-invasive means*
Our center's cutting edge technology
Radiofrequency machines are subdivided into 'monopolar' and 'bipolar' type, of which monopolar is more effective. There are many different types of Radiofrequency machines, but only a handful are medical grade. We use Doubles® monopolar Radiofrequency machine from Japan. Medical grade Radiofrequency machines are best operated by professionals.*
Botox muscle relaxant
We use original Botox® Purified Neurotoxin Complex, ordered from Allergan Pharmaceuticals, Inc. directly to ensure quality. Botox® is U.S. F.D.A. approved, and is injected by experienced physicians in our center to ensure quality.
Face contour slimming procedure
About 40 minutes
Done by qualified medical professionals. After application of treatment gel, Radiofrequency is applied onto the skin, using specific wavelengths to burn fat selectively. There will be a slight heating sensation.*
About 30 minutes
Done by experienced physicians. Local anaesthetic is applied for 15 minutes before injection. After injection jowl contour will gradually improve after 3 weeks. Maximal effect starts after 2-3 months.*
Face contour slimming efficacy and safety
Radiofrequency is safe with minimal side effects post-procedure. The major problem is the heating sensation experienced during the procedure (The stronger one can tolerate, the better the effect).*
Botox® is U.S. F.D.A. approved, and rarely have side effects in cosmetic usage (very small dose).
According to American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS)2005 study result, over 8 million people undergo Botox® injection in U.S. each year.*
Face contour slimming treatment course
For Radiofrequency a full course usually takes 5-10 treatments for maximal effect especially in the obese.
1-3 weeks / treatment*
For Botox® first treatment lasts around 6 months, second treatment 8-12 months. Effect is usually longstanding after 4 treatments*
Better facial contour can instill confidence, both botox and radiofrequency treatments are proven safe and effective
Each treatment $4,000
Each treatment $8,000
Course $7,000 (2 Times)
Course $30,000 (4 Times)
*Individual results may vary.