Dark eye circles gives a listless and fatigue look, and may even effect career and relationships
Types of Dark Eye Circles
Muscular Type
Pigmented/Blood Vessel Type
Sunken Eye Socket type
Tear Troughs Type
Treatment Modalities
Botox® Injection
Intense Pulsed Light
Hyaluronic Acid Fillers
Hyaluronic Acid Fillers
Four Types of Dark Eye Circles
Causes of Dark Eye Circles
Pigmented dark eye circles can be due to
  • Increased melanin deposits
  • Prominent vessels in that skin area (esp. those after eye bags removal surgery with thinning of the skin in that area)
  • Prolonged allergic rhinitis, with chronic blood vessels dilation depositing hemosiderin on the nose/eye areas
  • Treatment options includes
  • Treating allergic rhinitis
  • Anti-Dark Eye Circle Cream (Vitamin A & K are known to be effective) that targets pigmentations
  • Intense Pulsed Light
  • Laser Dark Eye Circles Treatment mechanism
    Light therapy can create specific wavelengths targeting black and red pigments without affecting normal skin structure. It can also stimulate collagen production at the same time, improving skin age.
    Outcome after Laser Dark Eye Circles Treatment
    Looking much more energetic after dark eye circles removal.*
    Our Center's Cutting Edge Technology
    We employ the newest Intense Pulsed Light machine Jeisys® from Japan. It is safer as it is geared for darker skin.*
    Laser Dark Eye Circles Treatment procedure
    About 30 minutes
    Done by professional medical qualified staffs.
    After application of treatment gel, IPL crystal is used on the skin. During treatment, mild light and heat could be felt. Newer generation machines have cooltips, making the experience even more comfortable.
    Laser Therapy Efficacy and Safety
    Intense pulsed light is a gentle type of laser.
    It is safe to be used up to 10 to 15 times / year,
    on average once every 3 weeks.

    Light therapy only deals with the top layer of skin, which undergoes renewal every 2 years, it is rare to have any far fetching side effect.*
    Laser Dark Eye Circles Treatment course
    Usually requires 4 treatments for pigmentations. When there are prominent blood vessels under the skin, more than 4 treatments are often required.
    Each treatment 3-4 weeks apart
    Sun avoidance is required for 3 weeks after each treatment. Many people have more than one cause of dark eye circles, and requires a combination of treatments.*
    Dark Eye Circles Combined treatment
    Intense Pulsed Light treatment is only effective for pigmented type dark eye circles. When you are faced with more than one cause of dark eye circles, you need to correct all problems together.*
    Laser  treatment is the tailored made solution against dark eye circles
    Each treatment $3,000
    Course $10,000 (4 Times)
    *Individual results may vary.