Dermaflage Extended Wear Primer

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Dermaflage  Primer® 
Extend Dermaflage Lasting or Oily Skin Primer
Price: HKD325
Special Price: HKD260
1 x 4 ml/.14 fl oz
Apply a thin layer of primer first, wait 15-20 seconds, and then use Dermaflage, which can prolong the bonding time between the skin and the silicone. For best results, use a primer followed by a setting mineral powder and finish with Dermaflage.
  • People with oily skin
  • Hyperhidrosis
  • wet weather
  • prolonged outdoor activities
  • Skin friction or more active parts (lips, nose, eyebrows, elbows, etc.)
Primer (purchase separately): Petroleum Distillates, Testra-n-propyl Silicate, Testabutyltitanate, Tetra (2-methoxyethoxy) Silane.
About Dermaflage Medical Silicone:  
Dermaflage is made of medical-grade silicone, which has no adverse reactions to the skin and is safe and reliable. Silicone is also often used in the medical field to improve scar healing.

Dermaflage is waterproof and can last up to 36 hours after application.

The Dermaflage in the glue nozzle will solidify in about 2-5 minutes, so the mixed glue nozzle cannot be reused. When covering large scars, for better results, use cosmetics (oil-based medical concealer) that are close to the skin tone on the face.

Using Dermaflage requires a little knowledge and skill. For more detailed instructions, see our "How to use Dermaflage" page.
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Use the mixing nozzle to mix the two silicone components of Dermaflage, and it will solidify within 2 minutes at room temperature. When used in moderation, it can fill in hollows or uneven skin.

After solidification, the surface of silicone is shiny and translucent, unlike real skin. The solution is to choose the correct color of Dermaflage silicone and use a skin-like pad, which has the following functions:

1 - Use the skin-like pad to flatten the Dermaflage and cover any scars or lines (use in moderation, too much will cause bumps, too Less is not enough)
2 - Dermaflage can make concave and convex holes on the surface of silicone, making Dermaflage more similar to normal skin.
  Doctor's Comments:

Promotes the molecular cross-linking of silicon and increases the adhesion of Dermaflage. Best for sweaty people. Contains alcohol.
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底油確實有效,一薄層就夠,20 秒就乾。
# Cyrus 2018-09-25 18:31
此 Primer 底油將 Dermaflage 矽膠整天保持在原位,邊緣周圍沒有任何剝落,真係 keep 到成日。
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透明的底油只需用在疤痕處,簡單一掃20 秒即乾,我必選用以增加持久效能。
# Sherman T 2013-04-03 12:50
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