Go Away Birthmarks

birthmarks before camouflageI was born with a large pink birthmark on my face, and have been ridiculed since small. As I grew into teenage I went to few social functions.

I would feel guilty and afraid to look up. I thought things will change as I moved into secondary school by giving myself a fresh start with camouflage cosmetics. However conventional ones could only partially cover my birthmark. I changed to the medical grade Dermacolor camouflage cream, the procedure of using it is much the same as conventional cosmetics. It is durable and can cover all the discolorations effectively. Furthermore it feels smooth and doesnt need a thick layer. There are also a variety of other color choices.


I have a small birthmark on my face, and wanted to find a stronger camouflage cosmetic. I used Coverderm Classic. It has complete camouflage effect in a thin layer and is natural looking. Suitable for going to work or going out. It is durable and after I put it on I can totally forget about using it.

birthmarks before coveragebirthmarks after coverderm