How To Apply

How to apply


Watch our step-by-step video instruction

This following video will teach you how to apply and use the products

Facial and Problem Skin Coverage
  1. Put a small quantity of the selected shade on the outer surface of your hand or on a Sponge. (For Perfect face, spread circularly until the foundation gets your body temperature)
  2. Apply the foundation with your fingertips or using the sponge tapping with a small and quick movement for perfect application.
  3. For a perfect silky and satin-mat finish use finishing powder to set the make ups. Spread generously with a sponge and then brush off smoothly.
  4. Apply other cosmetics as you do normally and look at the amazing results.
  5. To remove cleanse thoroughly, using removal cream, apply some on the sponge and wipe it on the face surface.
1.coin size cream2.apply to problem areas3.apply finishing powder4.apply other cosmetics as you like5.remove by removal cream
Products needed:  
Coverderm: Perfect Face / Classic > Finishing Powder > Removal Cream
Dermacolor: Camouflage Cream / Sets / Palettes / Body Cover > Fixing Powder > Removal Cream / Gel / Milk

Blood Vessel Coverage

Use Dermacolor camouflage, apply the special tone on your hands. (Green color will neutralize red.)
Product needed: Dermacolor D40
1.Dermacolor Special Tone2.Apply to Special Areas3.Apply finishing4.Remove with remover

Under Eye Coverage

Use Coverderm Concealer/ Dermacolor Erase Stick, simply apply it around your eye shade.
Products needed: Coverderm Concealer / Dermacolor Erase Stick
1.dark eye circles2.apply dark eye circle coverage

Applying Other Products
Dermacolor Fixing Splay

For extra staying power such as swimming activities, use Dermacolor fixing spray after fixing powder/finishing powder
1.apply fixing spray2.longer waterproof duration

Product needed: Dermacolor Fixing Spray