Foundation Brushes

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Foundation Brushes®
Even application of base products for better camouflage effect
Price: HKD140
Discounted Price: HKD70
1 piece
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Lavedo brush is made of high quality fiber hair with extra density, and can be used with liquid or cream foundation, especially camouflage creams with higher pigment consistency. Individual hairs are of high quality and flexibility, making them effective for curve surfaces such as around the nose and mouth. Hair ends are tappering and slender, creating smooth coverage on different size pores better than sponges for small areas. 2cm x 1.5cm curved head reduces discomfort, and is wider shaped so the brush can be used for wipe as well as dap. High-density oak handle provides a perfect balance to prevent slippage. Easy to use even for beginners.
Lavedo Foundation Brush can be used on the face or large area of body for camouflage concealers
  • Evenly apply foundations
  • Designed for wipe as well as dapping motions
  • Longer lasting foundation effects
  • Synethetic brush does not absorb as much product, giving more to the skin
  • Good for uneven surfaces or various size pores
Name: Foundation brush
Brush Material: Synethetics
Handle Material Oak Wood
Applicable Products: Liquid or creamy foundations or camouflage creams
Suitable Area: Face and large area of body

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How to use:
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For flat area of discolorations, sweep the surface with concealer evenly, then using a dabbing motion work from the outside inward. Tips: for small areas, put the concealer only on one side of the brush; for larger areas or denser coverage, put concealer on both sides of the brush.
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For raised or depressed areas, it is best to smooth out using smoothing agents such as Dermacolor Skin Plastic or Dermaflage. Otherwise, use a dabbing motion to evenly distribute the concealer on the surface.
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# Cole 2018-05-16 23:12
Flawless Face Brush, good for concealer and foundation applications evenly and flawlessly.
# Sharyn 2015-07-02 22:17
Very good price with excellent quality.
# Oliver 2012-10-19 18:02
High quality fiber brush, great for blending in areas, very comfortable.
# jenny 2008-01-23 17:28
I found a bit stinging for the beginning of use but i can tolerate it well now. It can effectively clean up my blackhead and control my oily skin. Using make up remover is a must before using this product.