HD Cosmetic Brushes

concealer brush2 rs
Concealer Brushes
Spot Concealer Brush

High quality fiber brush head with extra-density suitable for medical camouflage use on diverse purposes. Extra resilience / elastic property of the 0.8x1.3cm hair tip means perfect coverage near eye corners or any folded/wrinkled areas.
1 piece
foundation brush rs
Foundation Brushes
Even application of base products for better camouflage effect

Lavedo brush is made of high quality fiber hair with extra density, and can be used with liquid or cream foundation, especially camouflage creams with higher pigment consistency. Individual hairs are of high quality and flexibility, making them effective for curve surfaces such as around the nose and mouth.
1 piece
powder brush2 rs
Powder Brushes
For an even, matte natural finish with powders

Lavedo powder brushes are made with a higher density of synethetic fibers, providing a more even application whether it is to apply or to knock off excesses. The brush head is designed with a 4cm diameter arc, increasing powder adhesion and reduce uneven distribution of powder.
1 piece