Replenishing very dry skin

Dry Skin Before TreatmentI just had laser treatment which gives me very dry skin and in need of a moisturizer

. I just saw Peterthomasroth's Cucumber Gel Masque from Elle, which was even cheaper than going to do facial in salons, so I decided to give it a try. It was quite moisturizing with a clean smell, and the skin felt much more comfortable than just after the laser treatment.

dry skin before using moisturizerdry skin after using moisturizer

My skin becomes dry and painful after boating, and conventional moisturizers doesnt seem to help. I followed my friend's instruction to use SkinCeuticals' Hydrating B5, then applied a bottle of Cucumber Gel Masque after refrigerating it for a while. I instantly felt better.

JoJo student


In the summer, Hong Kong is really hot and suffocating. Being a construction contractor clerk, I need to walk out to sites in daytime, which causes a lot of sun damage to my skin, making it dry and 'wrinkly'. I read from magazines about SkinCeuticals' Daily Moisture and gave it a try, which is very moisturizing and has antioxidants. It is light yet effective, which is very convenient and economic for me.

Collette Construction Contractor Clerk



My face is very oily especially around the T-Zones, and I am constantly sweating in my work, so I am afraid to use any skin care products in case it block my pores. I tried various products which either have no effect or have my pores clogged. After some experiment I am now using Neostrata's Foaming Glycolic Wash and Oily Skin Solution twice everyday, and Peterthomasroth's Oily Free Lotion for moisturizing before I give lessons, which feels great even after I have been sweating.

Queenie Yoga trainer