Keeping skin younger


young_beforeBeing a stewardess, long distant trips make my skin very dry. Sometimes cosmetics flake off easily.

Because of its popularity in US and have staff discount, I tried Peterthomasroth's Un-wrinkle, which contains peptides with anti-wrinkles and moisturizing properties. It is also available now in Hong Kong. Its serum form makes it not too oily yet water retaining.

Sofia Stewardess


I have always used SkinCeuticals' moisturizer B5, that being a well established medical cosmetic brand. I also use CE Ferulic, which can helps prevent skin aging from sun



As I got older, with more career responsibility, lack of sleep and job pressure, my skin started to loosen with wrinkles formation. I have been trying to find a good anti-aging product. My skin improved with less wrinkles and more tightening after I used Strivectin-SD. The product has a slight herbal/minty smell which isnt really my taste, but the most important thing is it's effective. I use it morning and evening now to keep my skin in shape.


before wrinkle creamsafter wrinkle creams

I am an accounting clerk. Apart from not enough sleep, my skin becomes very dry in winter with fine lines/wrinkles. I tried very expensive moisturizing products and eye cream more than a thousand dollar for one bottle without too much effect. As my job needs to travel, I learnt about Peterthomasroth (PTR) in US, with very good reviews. I am now using its Unwrinkle Eye and Unwrinkle Serium. It is even less expensive than some brands but with noticeable effects. Now the fine lines are gone in winter, more supple and less dry.

Tammy Accountant