Dark eye circles removed

dark_eye_circles_beforeI was born with dark eye circles. I couldnt make it go away even after trying many methods. So now I just cover it up. Most concealer pencils doesnt last long and could not totally cover it up

, now I use Coverderm's Concealer Stick, it lasts all day even with minimal applications, it is waterproof and not expensive.

Siu Wai

My job needs to travel abroad, so I need to fly around frequently. Even when I dont need to travel I need to communicate at odd hours online due to the time difference. I get to sleep with very irregular hours. Over time my dark eye circles deepen, sometimes with reddish streaks around the eyes. A poor outlook means a poor impression when seeing clients. Now I use NeoStrata's Bionic Eye Cream and my dark eye circles have subsided. Even though I still do not get enough sleep, at least I dont have such dark circles.


I am 25 with very good skins. But I dont know if it is because I smile a lot, my crow's feet becomes quite prominent. The wrinkles under the eyes are also quite bad, with slightly puffy eyelids. I tried many eye creams but they are too oily, while gel dried up too quickly. Last time I was in a hurry so I brought Strivectin Eye in the airport. It is not too oily so I dont have oily spots on the eyelids and it works.



Dark Eye Circles before bionic eye creamDark Eye Circles After Bionic Eye Cream

I have been smoking for a long time, it keeps me going in the day but it is quite bad for my skin. I do facials and use masques regularly, but my skin becomes very dry by afternoon whatever products I tried. It is worse under the eyes with very prominent dark eye circles. I followed my friend's blog advise and tried Neostrata's Bionic Eye Cream with Skinceuticals C+E, which can remove dark eye circles as well as prevent wrinkles, with antioxidants effect. They are quite effective when used together.