I have Freckles!

freckles before treatmentI always thought I dont need to use sunscreens if my skin care products have 'SPF'. Plus I think using sunscreen is too 'sticky'.

My physician told me that this is not enough to stop UVA, which is the ray that makes freckles appear and aging texture. I am now using DCL SPF 30. It is not sticky, and I use foundations with SPF on top of it. Even though it gives good protection, my physician still advise me to reapply it when under the sun every 4 hours.


I need to work long hours outdoors, under very strong sunlights, so I need a stronger suncare product. I use SpectraBanSPF 60 which has high production on both UVA and UVB. I use some oil free moisturizers before I put it on.




I have freckles on top of very white skin. I tried many whitening products without any noticeable effect. I have always used Hydrating B5 from Skinceuticals, which is a good moisturizer, so I gave its whitening product Phyto+ a go. It does make a big difference after 6 weeks of use, so I am using it on top of any freckles now.




freckles before treatmentfreckles after HQ Skin Lightening Gel

I need to meet with different people in my line of work, and a presentable face is important in giving a good impression. My face has many freckles. I went for laser/IPL to remove them but over time and without rigorous use of sunscreens they came up again. I didnt want to do IPL yet so I used Neostrata's HQ lightening Gel. After 1 month the freckles became much lighter.