Acne problem solved

acne_beforeI had very bad acne when I was younger. As the family was not too well off, I didnt seek any medical help then. As I grew older the colored acne scars became quite prominent

, and clearly visible in photos. As I need to become a bridegroom early next year, I thought I would do something about it. However I found that I need at least 6 treatments, with 6 weeks in between each treatment, which I simply dont have the time for before the wedding. I started the treatments, but I went ahead to use camouflage cosmetics. The result was excellent.


I have some acnes but with very white skin, which makes the acne stands out because of the big contrast. I often get stared at when going out because of the acnes, and my face is quite oily and sensitive. Under physician's instruction I used Foaming Glycolic Wash from Neostrata and Oily Skin Solutions. My sebum and acnes reduced, and the skin texture slowly returns to normal.



My skin is easy to have acnes and blackheads even in winter, with lots of exfoliations. I tried many counter products without much improvement. After I used Neostrata's Bionic Face Cream, both the acnes and blackheads disappeared. At first I thought fruit acids are very strong stuff, I didnt know they have milder versions for home use.

Acne before bionic face creamacne_after


During summer I always frequent the beach with my classmates wearing swimsuits. But my upper back and back of my arm is covered with tiny red dots. Even though Neostrata's Gel Plus is used for the face most of the time, after bath I put them onto my back and back of my arm, which make these tiny acnes disappeared!




I smoke and have a busy work schedule, plus I am lazy in maintaining my skin, so I have lots of blackheads and poor skin texture. I used Neostrata's Gel Plus 3 times per week, which gave a noticeable improvement.




I am 19 this year. I have very oily skin with acnes. I always thought it is girly to use skin care products. However the acnes worsen this year, plus the fact I am starting to date girls, so I have to do something about it. I know there are many skin care products can make it worse because I have oily skin. I used Neostrata's Gel Plus and then stepped up to Foaming Glycolic Wash, my pores have become smaller, and my face became less oily with fewer acnes.