A new way to cover Eczema

eczema before treatmentI am soon to have wedding! However I have eczema which comes and goes, with dry thick skins and patchy colors. And I cant use just any skin care products, which may make it worse.

I follow my doctor's suggestion to use Dermacolor cosmetic camouflage, replacing make-up artist's cosmetics. It has no perfume and is non irritating. They have minipalettes with many color choices, easy to apply and waterproof. I even use it after wedding.

Yan Clothes Store Owner
ecezma before camouflageeczema after camouflage

I am a physiotherapist. Maybe because of the stressful work or the worsening pollution 3 years ago I started to have eczema, and requires medicated cream daily to help control the problem. Now it is not itchy but the color is no longer the same as original. Because I need to perform hydrotherapy for patients, it does cause embarrassments. And I cannot cover the problem skin as I am in swimming suits. I am using Dermacolor which is great. I am not very good at using cosmetics but it is quite convenient to use. Each bottle can lasts for several months of usage. I put one in my hospital locker and another at home for trips. The most important thing is it doesnt stain my white uniform.

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