My disturbing Varicose Veins

Varicose before treatmentHaving worked as a premium clothes shop sales for several years, and need to stand for long hours on end, my legs started to develop very thick veins.

Since we need to wear medium length skirts, even with stockings the veins still shows through. On top of the occasional bruising, it doesnt look good at all. Because we need to face clients, I cannot wear pressure stockings. Since using Dermacolor camouflage for body, a thin layer can already cover the veins and the discolorations. My work requires a fast dressup, and it is convenient to apply, with a diverse color choice. Even after wearing stockings for a whole day it doesnt becomes sticky, and is easy clean.

Yee Sales
Varicose before treatmentVaricose after using dermacolor

Being a senior executive means I need to wear high heels for 8 hours on end. Slowly I started to develop one varicose vein which is quite visible around the knee area. Since then I cannot wear any short skirts. After I use Dermacolor to selectively hide the vein, my colleagues though I had surgery to remove it. They all think Dermacolor is amazing.

Rebecca Senior Executive