Me and Vitiligo

vitiligo before camouflageI am a 30 yrs old man working in office, but sometimes need to meet clients. One year ago I started to have some whitish color on the back of my hands. Initially I didnt think much about it

, but as it becomes more white and bigger it became quite noticeable. Worse of all it started to appear on the face. Slowly my clients started to notice I have vitiligo. Even though my girlfriend said she didnt mind, slowly we didnt go out as often as before. I didnt want the problem to deteriorate but dermatologists told me it is not a treatable problem. At first I though camouflage cosmetics cannot totally hide the white areas, but it seems the high pigment density works well for me. Furthermore it is waterproof

Johnson Office Worker
vitiligo before camouflagevitiligo after dermacolor